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Exploring the Submerged New World 2012

He helped dash the Clovis-First paradigm, holding that the first humans arrived in the Americas about 12,000 years ago, when he unearthed evidence of human habitation dating back 16,000 years at the Meadowcroft Rockshelter near Pittsburgh. His research championed the role of prehistoric women as central to the development of language and social life. Now, pioneering archaeologist James Adovasio of Mercyhurst University is on the threshold of unlocking yet another of archaeology's mysteries.

Mercyhurst University's own Adovasio and C. Andrew Hemmings, one of the leading Paleoindian underwater archaeologists in North America, will lead a team of scientists on a NOAA-funded signature expedition for submerged evidence of early Americans in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida coast. “Exploring the Submerged New World 2012,” scheduled for July 20-29, is the fourth installment of this pioneering undertaking that may one day reveal human lifestyles unparalleled in the archaeological record of North America because they are under water and never before seen.

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