Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute

Interdisciplinary Minor: Gender Studies

Housed in the Departments of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, this minor provides students with the opportunity to learn about the subject of gender through a multidisciplinary encounter, which complements the BA or BS degree in Anthropology/Archaeology. Interested students should contact Dr. Mary Ann Owoc for further information.

To discuss this minor, contact:
Dr. Mary Ann Owoc (Anthropology)
Dr. Marilyn Livosky (Psychology)
Dr. Laura Lewis (Sociology)

Required Courses

Elective Courses - Students must complete 5

  • Anth 346 Anthropology of Gender
  • Crjs 295 Seminar: Women and Crime
  • Engl 381 Women and Literature
  • Engl 382 Contemporary Literature: Women of Color
  • Hdfr 175 Human Sexuality and Gender Development
  • Hist 254 Women in the Ancient and Medieval World
  • Poli 210 Seminar: Power and Exploitation- Feminist Politics
  • Psyc 232 Psychology of Prejudice
  • Rlst 270 Women and Scripture
  • Rlst 255 Religious Perspectives on Marriage and Family
  • Rlst 176 Feminist Theologies
  • Soc 225 Women: Images and Realities
  • Span 305: Seminar in Culture/Literature: Women in Hispanic Civilization

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