Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute

Archaeology Field Training

The upcoming field school witnesses a continuation of the multi-year Taos Collaborative Archaeology Program (TCAP), a joint educational and research program established by the Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute (MAI), Mercyhurst University and Southern Methodist University in Taos, New Mexico (SMU-IN-TAOS).

The goal of TCAP is to unite the respective strengths of the collaborators in field archaeology and laboratory analyses, thereby offering the nation's strongest archaeological training opportunity to any student pursuing a career in anthropological archaeology and/or seeking future employment in the academic and public sectors.

The field school will be held at the SMU-IN-TAOS Fort Burgwin campus, Taos County, New Mexico. Students will be instructed in a broad variety of techniques employed in contemporary archaeological investigations through multiple course offerings. All courses include classroom, lecture, and colloquial instruction, as well as, laboratory or field work.


The field school operates on a six-day-per-week basis (Monday through Saturday) for six weeks, from early June to mid-July. Participants should expect to spend up to 10 hours per day in the field.


Transportation between Mercyhurst University and Fort Burgwin, as well as, motel accommodations en route are provided by MAI. Participants are responsible for their own meals while traveling.

Participants providing their own transportation to Fort Burgwin must arrive on the first day no later than 3:00 p.m. You should plan on a departure no later than 10:00 a.m. on last day.


Participants live in tents in a field camp. Tents, cots, shower and sanitary facilities, and potable water are provided. Participants must furnish their bedding (sleeping bag [a 0°F rating, or lower, is recommended], blankets, pillow, etc.) and personal belongings. Meals are provided in the campus Dining Hall.

The field camp is located on the northern end of the Fort Burgwin campus within easy walking distance of all campus facilities.

Daily transportation between the field camp and the site(s) is provided. Transportation to local non-campus facilities is also provided, as required.

Complete details and applications can be found under “Course Offerings” at the
TCAP web site.

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