Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute

Criminalistics/ Forensic Biology

Criminalists and Forensic Biologists are typically called upon to locate, document, preserve, analyze, interpret and testify with respect to the significance of physical evidence. They must possess extensive skills and training in many diverse fields of natural and physical sciences. Pattern recognition in fingerprints and ballistics, and the interpretation of biological materials such as hairs, fibers, paints, polymers, soil, glass and other trace materials is important. Competency in the methods for collection and preservation of human biological evidence in regard to DNA testing is stressed in lecture and in the laboratory. This concentration prepares students for advanced training in Criminalistics or as trainees in forensic science laboratories.

In addition to the required departmental core classes the following courses are specifically required for the concentration in Criminalistics/ Forensic Biology.

Concentration Required Classes

(4 courses: 15 credits)

BIO 146/147 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Organisms & Lab
BIO 310/311 Genetics & Lab
BIO 370/371 Cellular Biochemistry & Lab
BIO 430 Molecular Biology

*Plus 4 additional elective courses, one of which MUST have a lab.

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